Top 10 Reasons Ladyboys are BETTER than Girls

10. Thai Ladyboys are generally taller, and have longer legs. Plus, some of them wear heels – which naturally makes the leg look better.

9. Thai Ladyboys don’t cost as much as girls do in Thailand! Usually half-off except for those that are perfectly passable as true Thai ladies.

8. Thai Ladyboys speak better English than bargirls almost always.

7. You don’t have to tell a ladyboy she isn’t staying another day, she KNOWS.

6. You don’t have to take a ladyboy to breakfast or any meal since she knows you might feel strange about being in public with her.

5. Thai Ladyboys dance better than girls. They practice. They love being the center of attention.

4. Thai ladyboys are more fun than girls here in Thailand… they joke more and are generally a lot more fun.

3. Thai ladyboys will blow you INSIDE A TUK-TUK, an alley, or at the beach…they are not shy. Thai girls are too inhibited in public.

2. Thai ladyboys are anxious to get it in the ass. Whereas Thai girls are not eager at all, nor can they usually be persuaded with extra cash. With a ladyboy, it’s the usual and expected. With just 500 baht you’re in there like a champ.

1. And, the number one reason why Asian ladyboys are much, much better than girls (or boys) in Thailand is that they KNOW you’re gonna give them a face painting, they’re open-mouthed and smiling – just waiting for it!

OK, wait. I just remembered another reason. Thai ladyboys can suck cock better than any girl I’ve ever known. They know exactly what they’re doing. Never had a bad blowjob by a ladyboy!

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