Thailand Nightlife Slang

Slang that is good to know when at the bars, or dealing with a Thai bar girl or Ladyboy.

  • Short-time & Long-time. Short time means one shot (yours). It usually means an hour, but most bar girls and katoeys aren’t really counting if they’re enjoying themselves. If they aren’t – they might promptly get up after an hour and expect payment. Long-time means all night or a number of hours – whatever you agree on. Usually an exact time is negotiated when they’re free to go. Long time means you might have sex twice or more. Up to you and the katoey. Sometimes they like it five times in a night, other times they’ll be done after twice. If you go long-time you should get twice before she goes.
  • Bar Fine, also said as just “bar” – a payment to bar to take katoey off premises so she can short or long-time you. The bar loses money when she leaves, because you or someone would be buying her drinks if she stayed around. So, you pay money to rent her. If you take her for a week to the islands you might get hit with a week long bar fine. You can negotiate with owner of bar on that directly if you want, if you let the girl do it she’ll say you owe it. She may pocket it or give part to owner – who knows.
  • Mamasan / Papasan – the manager of whatever place you’re at trying to find sex. Mama is female of course.
  • Smoke – blow job
  • Boomsing – some parts of Thailand use this for sex.
  • BoomBoom – sex
  • Power – a guy with power can have sex a long time – like a stud
  • Doot Hum – blow job
  • Same same Arab – anal sex. I heard a few girls say this – it’s hilarious. Ass in Thai is Gon. For anal sex I’d just point…
  • Nom – chest.
  • Naam Nom – breast milk.
  • Jack Wow – not a writer in Bangkok, it’s slang for masturbation. It means flying a kite.

Other Helpful Thai Words to Learn

  • Mai (pronounced, MY) with a falling tone – study tones from a book if you can a little bit. It will help. Girls in Patong Beach understand almost anything. If they’re fresh from countryside and haven’t heard farangs butcher their language much maybe they have a hard time understanding you. Try different tones with a word if she’s not getting it – eventually you just might be able to coordinate it.
  • Chai (CHY) – yes or correct.
  • Kup – Yes – a man says this.
  • Ka – Yes – a girl says this.
  • Dai (DY) – can do it.
  • Mai chai (MY CHY or Mih CHY or Ma CHY) – cannot do it.
  • Lon (Lawn) – hot – air or water.
  • Now (Now) – said with a rising tone like a French accent – means cold.
  • Deow Deow (DEE-OW DEE-OW) – In a minute, in a short time, wait a minute.
  • Yahng (Yahng) – Not yet.
  • Puchai (Poo-CHY) – man, boy, guy
  • Pu ying (Poo-Ying) – girl, woman, lady
  • Gin Kowl – eat food.
  • Leao – (pronounce every vowel to be understood – copy someone – they’re always saying it.) means the past tense of whatever came before it. “Gin Kowl Leao” – ate already.
  • Boo-ut Chee – need to urinate.
  • Mai Sabai (MY SA BY) – don’t feel well, ill.
  • Sabai Dee – feel good, well.
  • Dee – good
  • Mai Dee – no good.
  • Geng – good at something, skillful.
  • Ow – want. “Ow naam yen?” – want cold water?
  • Naam – water.
  • Naam kang – ice. Yes they put it in your beer. If you’re from the USA you’re probably used to low alcohol content beer – 2-3%. In Thailand it’s 5-7%. Drink it with ice and you won’t have as much of a hangover in the morning since you got extra water.
  • Naam Taan – sugar.
  • Som Tam – shredded unripe papaya salad with tomatoes, garlic, salt, sugar, some lard, fresh peppers, dried red peppers, and sometimes crushed peanuts and tiny dried and hard shrimps… and usually “Bla rah or Bla la” which is fermented fish or crab and brown juice. It smells horribly until you get used to it – then you might get addicted. Oh, it’s spicy as hell.
  • Nong – cute word for vagina. So is “Jim” said very quickly.
  • Hum – penis.
  • Sai – left
  • Kwah – right
  • Lee-o Sai – turn left
  • Lee-o Kwah – turn right.
  • Bpai Du Nung (BPY Doo Nung) – go see a movie.

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