First Time Sex with Two Girls (Free Sample + Book)

First Time Sex with Two Girls – Volume 8

First Time Sex with Two Girls
Volume 8 in the First Time Sex Series
 – First Edition

Jeremy has a hot African-American neighbor with huge breasts. You’ll enjoy this…

Written by and published digitally by Jeremy Wahl.

©2020 Jeremy Wahl. All rights reserved.

This sordid story begins in Thailand where a man (or woman) could have any sort of sexual adventure that can be dreamt up. If you can think it, you can have it. I mean within reason. I’m not talking about snuff or people banging dead people, but you know what I’m saying.

If you’re a guy into guys, great, you’ll find what you’re looking for. If you’re a woman into Japanese guys, you’ll find that too. If you’re a white woman looking for a Thai guy, that is easily arranged. If you’re a woman looking for two ladyboys and a gay guy for an extended ménage – you can absolutely find that here in less than an hour if you know where to look.

Living in the country for a while now, I’ve already had my fill of crazy scenes. Luckily, I can still remember most of what went on with the accuracy of high-resolution video. I’ve always been able to remember my sexual adventures with a lot of detail. Or hell, I wouldn’t be writing forty books about it, would I?!

The subject of this book is about sex that I was able have with two women in the same room at the same time. However, there were a couple of experiences in the past when I was in the states, and once in Korea, when I was offered a ménage.

Sometimes you’re paying for a ménage, and sometimes you’re lucky enough to swing one without paying. I was at the beach with my buddy from the military, Vince. Fort DeRussy Beach in Honolulu. Some of you may know it. We were throwing a Frisbee. Two girls came over and wanted to play too. We let them join in. They weren’t stunning, just average girls next door who had a place in Waikiki together and were working in the tourist industry.

I went out to swim, thinking they’d all come along. They stayed on the beach throwing the disc and talking to Vince.

An hour later, Vince and I left the beach, said goodbye to the girls and headed to the parking lot. I had a British convertible. It looked good but was a total piece of shit. Vince had a motorcycle. I think it was a Kawasaki 454 Ltd.

Just as we were pulling out of the parking lot, the girls were entering it. They stopped Vince to talk some more and I kept going. I didn’t see anything coming of it, and I was hungry.

The next night I saw Vince at the gym and he told me the girls invited him back to their apartment for a threesome. Wild, huh? To be honest, I wasn’t all that sorry I missed it, I wasn’t attracted to either girl, but I guess I could have pretended if I was taking them both back to their place!

My first opportunity with two girls at once almost happened while I was in California sometime after I’d been in the military. I knew two Vietnamese girls from their parents’ restaurant. They were both super-hot, and they were twins. The holy grail, right? They didn’t look exactly the same, there were some slight differences, but they were both so beautiful in their own way.

We were at my townhouse. It was cool that night. I had a fireplace. They had never seen one. I’m not even sure why they were at my place, we must have gone out to eat or something. I was sort of dating one of them, but she was in a bad marriage. I had the idea that they were conspiring to hand me off to the other twin to cause less problems with the whole situation.

I say that because one time the second twin, let’s call her May, called me up while I was working at Century 21 and said her computer died. Could I have a look? She insisted she come up after she was done at the restaurant around 10:30 pm. She came to my office. There was nobody else there. She was rubbing my leg and was very close to The Beast. I actually pushed her away and told her she’s going to get me horny doing that.

I really didn’t want to screw up things with the first twin.

Anyway, so we’re in my townhouse and enjoying a fire. I got the wood from the fire by ripping apart the old man’s furniture he left me with the place when I bought it. We were laying on the floor, one of them on each side of me. I started asking the second one about her boyfriend from the past and if they had sex, and what exactly they’d done and so on. The atmosphere changed pretty quickly, and I sensed we were all horny hearing May tell about a couple of her adventures. She was shy to tell, but we’d been friends for years and I had a raging boner within minutes.

In the middle of May telling a story I asked how big the guy’s cock was. He was Vietnamese, so I was pretty safe in asking whether it was bigger than mine. I told her how big mine was. She was shy. She didn’t know how big that was. I put her hand on it and she said WHAH! That’s huge Jeremy! Her sister said, yeah, it’s twice as big as Loi’s (her husband’s). I grabbed my girlfriend’s hand and put it on the base of my cock, and May had the top half. I moved their hands up and down to stroke me off while I asked more questions about boyfriends they both had in the past.

(So far, so good… to read the entire story about this very real-to-life experience, get the book at Amazon HERE.)

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