First Time Sex with a Pregnant Teen (Book + Free Sample)

First Time Sex with a Pregnant Teen – Volume 3

A pregnant teen is sitting on a curb. It is not a common known area for prostitutes. Dare the author circle back around and see what she’s up to? What do you think?! Great story. Read this one!

FIRST TIME SEX series: Volume 3
First Edition

This is a free preview and purchase page for Jeremy’s third book in the First Time Sex series of short story erotica.

Jeremy is once again cruising the streets of Miami, Florida on his way to get some lunch at his favorite sandwich place. He takes a slight detour to see an old residence he stayed in briefly and then continues on to find some lunch.

What he finds on the way to the restaurant is a lovely petite pregnant teen that just MIGHT be up for a little action. He has no idea what’s in store, but you can bet he capitalizes on the situation as he ALWAYS does!

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First Time Sex with a Pregnant Teen (free sample)

When you work online you have a lot of time to do what you want to do. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start preaching the value of it, but you should know how I have the free time to write up all these adventures in my First Time Sex series. At the moment I have twelve stories written, and there are at least another thirty or forty after that if I think back long and hard about some of the debauchery I committed in my younger years.

I’ve always worked hard in the morning when I can concentrate best and then slacked off over the course of the day if I could. A morning usually consists of me writing something for one of my sites, then putting out fires and updating various online projects that never seem to be good enough as they are.

Miami Beach starts getting hot by mid-morning on most days, and I hate air conditioning, so I am usually trying to figure out a good reason for getting out of the house by 11 a.m. Lunch is always a good excuse, so I began building up this wicked craving for a gigantic Schlotzsky’s sandwich.

If you don’t know what that is, research it now and see if there is one in your town. These are the best (and probably least healthy) sandwiches on the planet. I cover mine in hot sauce and… ah, never mind. I’m going to start craving one.

I jumped online and found the one closest to me, which really wasn’t too close at all. I figured I’d take the long way there and listen to the new CD I bought the night before.

Wearing my typical shorts and t-shirt, I headed out. I hadn’t worn long pants in something like four years by this point, and I didn’t think I’d ever need to go back to it if I was careful. Online work was… Ah, never mind, I’ll shut the hell up about it!

It was already hot at 10:30 a.m. as I walked from my villa to my Lexus RX300. I know, I was already driving a family car by my late 20’s and there was no family. At the moment anyway. I was between families, you might say.

I popped in the CD and played air drums for twenty minutes and then had a thought. I was going in the same direction as a place I used to stay briefly. I should swing by and see what it’s like, years later.

This place was in North Miami Beach where my brother and I stayed in a roach-infested apartment without jobs. That’s the same place I had my outrageous experience with Debra, my first black girl (First Time Sex Series: Volume 2). There was a tinge of excitement as I turned right on Alton Road. I was so close. I’d been on this street about a hundred times and the memories came flooding back.

Those were magical times because it was my first taste of Florida. My brother and I drove down so I could check it out as a potential place to go to college. We both ended up loving the Miami area, and I returned at the end of the year to start school.

And just up ahead… there it was! I drove toward the piece of shit building we stayed at for those few months. It had changed. Drastically changed. It almost looked like they knocked it down and started over. Yeah, damn. That’s what they did. Funny, they chose the same dumb design for it and our apartment on the ground floor was in the same place it would have been then.

I pulled up in front and parked, leaving the air running as I stared down the open hallway and reminisced. I thought back to some of the more memorable experiences I had.

Debra lived across the hall. Twenty-eight-year-old Michelle with D-cups lived upstairs with her younger chubby blonde sister and a hot little black-haired roommate from Cuba who banged on my door one night around midnight and pleaded with me to come for a ride in her boyfriend’s BMW she just stole the keys for.

She was mildly drunk and flying around the streets of Miami like a Miami Vice chase scene! Oh, I forgot to tell you one important part of the story. She couldn’t drive stick-shift. So, I tried to teach her in between full kisses every time she turned toward me. Finally, she gave up and stopped the car in a park where we made out for twenty minutes before she finally answered her boyfriend’s frantic phone call.

Michelle found out I did some photography and we set up a shoot near the beach in a private spot with a lot of flowers. She thought I was gay. She didn’t realize my brother was really my brother – and while we were reviewing shots I’d taken, she grabbed me and pulled me to her for an extended kiss.

A bit shocked, I knew what to do then, and I quickly shot a hand up her shirt to feel the heaviness of her tits straining against the nylon fabric of her big Victoria Secret bra. We made out a bit until the park filled up with kids and retirees.

I remember she asked if I was bi. I couldn’t understand what she was talking about since I didn’t know that everyone in our building thought my bro and I were gay.

That whole opportunity went nowhere… you won’t be reading a story about that one, that was basically it. She was engaged and was getting married a few months after I left Florida. The Cuban girl, no idea what her name even was, but I never had another chance with her either.

I knew nothing about her, where she worked or anything. Every time I saw her she was with her Cuban boyfriend at our apartment building. Oh, and she spoke about eight words of English!

Hmm, what else happened there… Oh yes! Two more pertinent memories.

I had a couple of road bikes. I loved long bike rides. One morning I rode to the beach to an almost barren section and picked up the bike and walked out over the sand toward the water. On the way I saw a petite MILF getting some sun. She had been laying down but sat up and stared at me as I walked toward the water.

In a few minutes she was there too and asking about my bike and where could she rent one. I told her she could use my other one. Her name was Valerie. I guessed she was about thirty-two. Short curly hair, beautiful smile, eyes, and lips. Petite and not much on top, but very nice legs and ass. I mean perfectly toned legs, she told me she ran long distances.

We made a plan to meet in the morning to ride over to the biggest party in Miami – Calle Ocho. Long story short, she showed up at my dilapidated building and I met her outside the room. We went to Calle Ocho, got groped a number of times (both of us), danced our asses off, ate our asses off, and then headed back to drop the bikes off.

Unfortunately, she followed me right into the apartment and I could almost hear her gasp! I’m telling you, this place was an absolute pig’s sty at its best!

We talked briefly, and I figured what the hell. I moved over beside her – still standing up – and turned to her and kissed her. She responded for a short while but then became tentative about it. I was pulling her toward our roach-infested couch when she finally just jumped up and headed for the door. I don’t think I can do this. Sorry! Sorry Jeremy.

I think she was unable to get over the fact that she was just about to make out with a guy who lived in a shit hole! She was a practicing psychotherapist in Montreal, Canada and probably had never even been in a dive like my apartment! It’s hilarious now, thinking back to it. I had also never been in such a place, but when you’re young and dumb you don’t really care, do ya? Well, you might. Anyway.

Last experience.

Jordanna (Jordy) lived upstairs with her Czech boyfriend who had a mobile lock business. He was gone all day installing locks in people’s homes and cars, and she was bored at home.

She was a stunning nineteen-year-old with full C-cup tits that were always straining against what she was wearing. Her hair was long, blonde-brown and naturally very curly. She had the most beautiful dick sucking lips (DSLs) I’d ever seen. So puffy and pink. Her twinkling blue eyes were mesmerizing.

She was some sort of hippy chick. She dressed down, and not usually in anything sexy. She was super down to earth and sweet to talk to.

One morning after her boyfriend left she came down to knock on my door. My brother had already gone back up north, not being able to stand the filth of our place for even one more day.

Jordy asked me if she could borrow some sugar or something and I actually had it in the cupboard because I was eating cereal for most of my meals! I asked if I could bring it up to her when I got some clothes on. She said sure and told me her room number. She also asked if I could bring up some of my portfolio, as she was really into photography.

I showered to cool off a bit and I wondered if what she really wanted was my dick. This is the day I found out that everyone in the building thought I was gay with my brother, but I had no clue. She must have thought it was safe enough to invite the gay guy up for a talk.

I grabbed a couple of portfolios and the bag of sugar. I wore my black Shimano skin-tight cycling shorts and a tank top because that’s what I was wearing most days and why change? If she was looking, she could surely see the outline of my cock in there. I thought there was at least some non-zero chance we’d be banging in her boyfriend’s bed before breakfast.

She invited me in. We sat on the floor looking at photos and she talked about her boring life. I noticed she had changed into a bikini top in the ten minutes it took me to get upstairs to her room. Damn, that was a HUGE sign that she was good to go – wasn’t it?

As we sat there talking, I could barely take my eyes off her lovely tits hanging in that flowered bikini top. She had a lot of freckles, I forgot to say. She even had freckles on her chest and the part of her tits that I could see.

I didn’t tell you, but I had some inside information about Jordy’s love life.

No joke.

I got it from her boyfriend.

Still not joking.

What I didn’t tell you yet is that he would sometimes stop and talk to me when he returned from work. I’d be sitting on the porch outside reading a book and he’d stop and talk for sometimes thirty minutes at a time.

I remember crystal clearly what he told me on more than one occasion. It was, he thought, the perfect way to keep your woman wanting it all the time. He told me that he RARELY gave it to Jordy. Once every couple of weeks he said was about right. Once a month was better. He told me how relationships fall apart over time because couples are banging too much. It gets boring, no matter what. No matter who you’re with.

I made jokes about it with him, but he was seriously trying to impart some wisdom to me. Funny thing is, I’ve come to see it the same way. I give it to my partner about once a week.

Once a month was plenty he said. There really is no better way to keep the lust going than that. I realized later, he was telling me this because he thought he could confide in the gay guy in the building. He thought there was nothing safer. Little did he know!

But it’s true what he said. Most relationships are doomed from the start, aren’t they? You’ve definitely seen it happen in your own relationships. Am I right?

So here I am sitting on the floor in his home, with his nineteen-year-old girlfriend with massive DSLs, who just changed into a very revealing bikini top, and we’re sitting really close and looking at photos I’d taken mostly in New York City and Mexico. I could almost smell her tang; the room was so hot and humid. We talked for hours and I must have glanced at her tits six hundred times.

Probably way more.

During the entire chat, all I could think about was the fact that her boyfriend gives her the knob about once a month on average. Once a MONTH!

Ready to find out what happens next? We’re not even into the part where he finds the super-cute pregnant teen sitting on a curb on the side of the road. The hard-core stuff is coming in the next part.

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