First Time Sex with a Black Girl – Volume 2

First Time Sex With A Black Girl
Volume 2 in the First Time Sex Series
– First Edition

Black Girl First Time Sex story by Jeremy Wahl. Erotic short story.
Jeremy has a hot African-American neighbor with huge breasts. You’ll enjoy this…

Written by and published digitally by Jeremy Wahl.

©2020 Jeremy Wahl. All rights reserved.

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First Time Sex with a Black Girl (free sample)

I’m Caucasian. I’ve fantasized about sex with black girls since I was in the military and I was surrounded by them.

Where I grew up, in a small town of 7,000 we had absolutely no African Americans at all. No joke. It wasn’t that the entire town was prejudiced. I’m sure there were plenty of open-minded people without bias, but for whatever reason I didn’t get a chance to grow up with anybody other than white folk. Oh, we had one Asian girl from South Korea in our town, she had been adopted by a white family. That was the extent of diversity in my hometown.

The first black girl I ever got to know to any degree – I was fucking in a week as a result of some good timing and being curious about the crazy party she was having all night before.

I had just moved from the northern U.S. to Miami, Florida because I was ready for a change. I wanted year-long warm temperatures, and honestly – I wanted to change up the ass I was getting. I didn’t know any black girls there, so it was just white girls on the menu whenever I could score one.

I was curious about sex with girls from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ghana, Mexico, Peru, and other places in like Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil… I could go on and on. White girls are great but then at some point you want to venture into the taboo a little bit. Don’t you?

I knew living in Florida would provide me more opportunity to meet girls from all over the world, not just those that grew up in the dreary northern US.

I was twenty-four years old at the time and I thought I could find a job in Miami in photography like I was doing in New York City. I needed to start college and that was another reason I chose Miami. The city has many colleges to choose from. I figured I’d choose one eventually.

I drove down to Miami with my younger brother and we were living in a disgusting hole of a place in North Miami Beach. We couldn’t afford anything else because we were living off savings. We paid $300 bucks per month for this absolute shithole of a place with roaches all over the floors and counters any time we left the room for five minutes.

We slept with the lights on because the big roaches came out at night while we slept. I saw one on my brother’s head the first night and from then on we slept under the covers wrapped up like mummies in sheets.

To start out we had no furniture, no refrigerator, nothing. Some of the residents in the building even felt sorry for us and donated whatever they could so we’d have a couple pieces of furniture to fornicate on.

They thought me, and my brother were two gay guys with a dilapidated love nest. I guess we hadn’t told them up until that point that we were brothers. Funny how two guys moving into a place are automatically assumed to be gay.


The place was a fucking dive like you have probably never experienced or even imagined. It was a two-story apartment building with about six rooms on either side of a hallway on the first and second floors. So, twenty-four rooms in total. Half of them were empty. Ours was the front left room where everyone pulled up to park their cars. My brother and I would sit outside on our little porch and watch people come home. We didn’t know anyone, so we’d talk to people and try to get a feel for what the hell was going on in Miami. We were absolutely clueless.

Lucky for us, there were a couple of hot girls in the building – one was a MILF about thirty-five with gigantic tits living directly above us. We were sure she was a dancer at a strip club. She wore the craziest outfits. One time my brother was out on our little porch and talking to me through the window. I was in the house sitting down on some of our donated furniture.

The stripper lady had just gone upstairs after pulling her car in. She opened the window above my brother and proceeded to take off her shirt and show him her giant tits. He’s talking to me and telling me this and I told him, we should both go up there and tag-team her ass!

I was pretty much joking, I don’t think I could fuck someone next to my brother if you paid me money. I did put some serious effort into thinking how I could bang her on my own though. Unfortunately I never came up with a scenario that sounded plausible. She did have some dirty Mexican guy go up there every now and then that we figured was banging her senseless.

Oh well, can’t have everyone, right?

Now, across from our room is where it gets interesting. In the room that faced ours across the hallway was a single black girl that was probably just under thirty years old. She worked at Denny’s in Miami Beach. We talked to her sometimes because she was friendly, but really kept to herself mostly.

She’d leave the house in the morning in her work uniform. When she came home she’d change into these little half-shirts that would showcase her giant D-cup tits. She was thin, and had a great body, but she wasn’t working out or anything that we knew about – just running all over Denny’s for twelve hours-a-day full-time.

When we talked it was always something general about life, weather, what she’s doing, etc. I started thinking about fucking her at some point, but I had no idea how to go about that. I hadn’t ever fucked a black girl and didn’t know how to set it up. I couldn’t even think up a game plan.

My brother and I went down to the beach clubs and watched some of the bands in the bars one Friday night. We came back to the room early, about 1 a.m. The black girl – I forgot to tell you her name, Debra – was having some sort of party. The door was open as we came into the hallway and I peeked in and saw a Latino looking guy, a black guy, and another black girl with even bigger tits than Debra had.

What the hell was it with black girls and giant tits? I desperately wanted to find out. Then I knew she wasn’t gay… she was into guys. Up to that point we couldn’t be sure because she’d only had some female visitors up to then.

The party went on until five a.m. and it sounded like they were having a great time. They were all blasted out of their minds.

My brother was still sleeping at that hour and I woke up with the sound of car doors slamming as the party-goers were on their way out.

I cracked open the door and saw Debra getting ready to shut her door – and she saw me too. I opened my door wider and smiled and said, ‘Sounds like that was a helluva party!’

She began laughing and was obviously a bit inebriated on something.

‘Yeah, I hope we didn’t get too loud – those guys are a triiiiiip! We played our ass off!’

What did she play? I hadn’t any idea but, she was still awake and in a great mood and I had morning wood I was hiding with the door.

‘What did you play over there?’ Trying to get some conversation going.

‘You know, that board game shit!’ Every other word was a cuss word. That was so strange because she was so conservative every time I spoke with her before. She acted like my mom or older sister or something.

She held up her finger and motioned for me to follow her in.

‘Come here Jermy…’ My name is Jeremy, but she couldn’t say it.

I took a look back at my brother – he was still sleeping on the floor with the roaches. I was in my shorts and no shirt, I slipped out quietly and shut the door softly behind me.

She took me by her hand into her apartment. It was total chaos ­– tequila bottles, vodka bottles, beer cans everywhere. It smelled like pot and something else I wasn’t familiar with.

She had all sorts of stuff in there – furniture, photos on the wall, she was obviously living in there for a long time. She was wearing a white button-down shirt with no sleeves and some casual white shorts that made her skin extra black.

She was pretty damn buff! I was mistaken about her at first. I thought she didn’t work out or anything. She must have had a gym membership somewhere.

Her shirt was tight as hell and I could see her pink bra straight through it. Her shirt was so short that it came up to her bellybutton depending how she moved. I could plainly see she had no stomach fat at all. She was flat like a board.

The top two buttons of her shirt were undone, and I was getting big cleavage shots of her hanging tits as she walked around the room and tried to pick up some things before finally just giving up and plopping down on the couch.

She patted the couch and told me to come over and sit down. There was some old Marvin Gaye playing – something slow like that. I’m not too much of a fan, but if it put her in the mood I was fine with it!

Then she began explaining this fucked up game her and her friends play. I understood none of it It was basically a role-playing game that involved a crack house and where they sold coke and all kinds of shit. I don’t know what the fuck she was even saying half the time.

She was laughing so hard as she told me – and I was laughing too – totally clueless but happy-as-hell to be getting a big eye-full of her tits consistently. I was sitting knee to knee with her sideways on the couch and she was grabbing my hands to describe things in the game… getting very animated about it.

She reached over to the table to get a glass of water – the ice had melted long ago but the outside of the glass was covered and glistening wet as she proceeded to drink, and drip drops of it all over her shirt and black chest.

I was ready to do anything I needed to fuck Debra and I started to get bold by putting my knees inside her knees sometimes as I asked for clarification about what the game was about… eventually she noticed my knee getting further along her thigh.

‘I see what you’re doing whitey – and I’m going to show you about black girls in a minute if you keep it up!’

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