First Time Sex with an Asian GILF – Volume 5

First Time Sex with an Asian GILF in Miami, – an erotic short story by author Jeremy Wahl.
Jeremy’s trip to the Asian Spa goes from absolutely mind-blowing, to absolutely pure insanity! Don’t miss this one. GILF lovers will love it.

First Time Sex Series – Volume 5 – First Edition

Jeremy is out on a rainy night in Miami, Florida looking for love in all the wrong places. He decides to stop by one of his favorite Asian Health Spas and is surprised at the young model-good looking Asian girl that gives him his massage. The fun does NOT end there though. There’s a surprise in store, and another notch in his belt as something goes dreadfully wrong and then weirdly right.

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First Time Sex with an Asian GILF (Grandma I’d Love to Fuck) – Free Sample

I should probably start with this.

I’ve never had some fascination with older women. At least not older than MILFs. Forty maybe? I probably drew the line around forty.

I had some aunts who were pregnant with ridiculously large breasts, and I think that had something to do with my pregnant and MILF fetishes.

Fair enough?

Still, as one gets older, the line between what is acceptable and what is not, is blurred. It’s not so black and white as when you were a teen and you knew in a split second if this girl or that one was acceptable. It had a lot to do with your friends and whether they would laugh at you.

When you’re over forty yourself, the line goes away for a lot of us. I haven’t seen the line since I was in my late twenties. You’ll see that’s true if you read the book in series before this one, ‘First Time Sex with a Black GILF.’

Granny I’d Love to Fuck (GILF).

I never knew a granny I’d love to fuck, to be honest, but I did fuck more than a couple of them as opportunities presented themselves.

I’m an experience junkie. More than anything else in life, I enjoy more than a man should, a variety of sexual experience. At this point I’m ready to venture into the real unknown. Dwarf sex? I could probably do that. Amputee sex? Probably. Could I wee on someone? Sure, I could do that.

What I’m getting at is that I was never out there searching specifically for grandmas to bone.

Sometimes it just happened.

When I look back on sexual experiences of the past, I’m always blown away by the way some of them just happened. The opportunity for sex presents itself in strange ways sometimes. Sometimes you’re the target. Sometimes a woman will target you. As I said, it’s odd… but the more you’re prepared to see it happening, the more ass you’re going to rack up.

 This next story has some of that flavor.

Asian sex spas are common in Florida. At least they were, I couldn’t tell you if there’s any left because I haven’t been there in almost two decades.

They always had big signs on a white background that said Asian Spa, Korean Spa, Health Spa, Asian Massage, Thai Massage, or just Spa.

Around my home in Miami there were four of these establishments. They were open from lunch until after midnight in most cases. As far as I could tell, the women lived in the same building because there was almost always someone available when I stopped by. Most of my visits were after dinner time, and unfortunately that is also when they got most crowded.

There’s something unnerving about sitting in a waiting room with six other horny white guys while the girls jacked someone off and sent them out the door minus seventy bucks.

In such a situation, I would stare at the guy who just got his nut and try to read in his eyes – was it worth it? Should I do this? Seventy dollars is still a lot of cash for a hand-job, anything you can do to ensure it was going to be worth it was important.

Online research was the best way to see what sort of women were doing the jacking in these places. Extensive guides popped up for a while until they became illegal.

Today you can find, if your city is big enough, small groups of mongers online who share data about various jack-shacks and freelancers. I met a few other guys in my area who, like myself, were a wealth of information. We’d private chat with each other and share all the gory details about a place.

It was raining pretty good. I had my girlfriend’s Nissan RV that night for some reason. She must have needed my car for something, I cannot recall to be honest. That was the least important detail in the story.

Well, it is somewhat important because she had eight siblings who worked in the area and who could have driven by and seen her vehicle parked outside the ‘Asian Health Spa’ on this dreary night.

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