First Time Sex with an Asian Prostitute – Volume 1

First Time Sex with an Asian Prostitute – An Erotic Short Story
One of Jeremy’s new stories from Thailand. You’ll enjoy this one!

First Time Sex with an ASIAN PROSTITUTE – Volume 1 in the First Time Sex Series

Jeremy Wahl moved to Thailand to see what it was all about. Best decision of his life. Read about Jeremy’s very first adventure in Bangkok as he arrived after midnight after a 24-hour flight from the states.

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  • Are the streets of Bangkok really filled with eager-to-bang teens and girls in their early twenties?
  • Is it possible to meet a beautiful teen and immediately return to your hotel room for some action?
  • The extent of possibilities walking around Sukumvit road at 2 a.m.!

First Time Sex with an Asian Prostitute (Free Sample of Book)

Finding your way inside a woman’s pants in Bangkok, Thailand at any hour of the day or night isn’t all that difficult. That’s what I was counting on.
This is the story of the first night I arrived more than a decade ago. I have no doubt that you could arrive tonight and have a very similar experience.

If you ever get the chance – you must visit this place.

There are girls working in massage parlors, go-go bars, fishbowls, and bars all over the country who are on the game and that you can arrange to have sex with for a thousand Thai Baht (THB) or so. Thailand is a great place for a single guy from any country in the world to visit short-term, or to live indefinitely. I started out as the former, I’m now the latter.

My favorite place to find dates is on the street. Freelancers are found in various places in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. You just have to know where to go.

I was thirty-five years old when I first landed in Bangkok in search of something I’d read so much about on the internet. I wasn’t sure I could believe it, but so many guys were talking about it in the forums.

Were they all lying? Seemed unlikely. I damn-sure needed to find out for myself!

I had a wicked craving for Asian girls since graduating high school decades before. Miami has its share, but Asians are scattered about and hard to find unless you eat a lot of Asian food. As a result of my craving for Asian, I’ve become a Thai food connoisseur – regularly cruising all the restaurants as much as humanly possible to see if I convert any of the waitresses to conquests.

If you’re interested, I do have some stories about girls I found in the Asian spas in Florida, and some of the restaurant servers I met in Thai restaurants.

Even so, it’s never easy when you’re trying to get in someone’s pants legitimately, right? That’s why I was done with the USA. I needed a change of atmosphere. Getting sex had to be easier in Thailand.

I was in my mid-thirties and already had a number of failed marriages and relationships. I was tired of my job in I.T. and Miami was giving me a headache. I love Latinas, but there just gets to be a limit, OK? I’ve had a largely unfulfilled Asian fetish since high school.

I quit my job and sold my house and truck. I was ready for a major change and I had corresponded with a guy living in Thailand for the past few years who encouraged me to make the jump. I figured I’d try it for a year and see what happened. At the very least, I thought I’d have an incredible year of vacation and de-stress from my life in the states.

My plane arrived in Bangkok just after 1 a.m. and I had slept around twenty hours of the twenty-four-hour flight. So, I was definitely ready to go see some of the nightlife I’d heard about!

Word of advice – drink until you pass out on the flight and wake up many hours later. That makes it almost bearable. A 24-hour flight in one tiny chair is ridiculously hard to suffer through. I don’t know how parents do it.

I hadn’t booked any motel yet because I figured I’d be too tired to go out and would just sleep in the airport the first night. But surprisingly I had slept well, and I was energized, and if I was being totally honest here, I had a half a wooden totem-pole in my pants just thinking about what might happen that night.

No dirty airport floor for me! I was heading out on the town.

As I walked out of the air-conditioned lobby and the thick wet air hit me, I had only the briefest moment of dreading the heat cloud my mind when immediately my eyes locked on to two cute girls at a table outside the doors of the airport. They called me over and already I was trying to figure out how to get these two girls, working at the airport, to go with me to my hotel!

You’ll have to understand… I was a product of the USA. It’s not easy to find two beautiful girls within close distance of each other. I had heard Thailand was a man’s paradise. I had also heard that everyone was available for a price.

As I walked over to the two smiling dolly birds (I know, I get that from my British friends) I remember thinking… these girls are so hot, and there are millions of them all over the country – everywhere you go – hot chicks! And I’m going to be here for a full year!

Despite my leering, joking, and flirting outright, they simply sold me a 3,000 THB room for two nights with a smile and a wave goodbye. The rate probably should have been more like 1,600 THB, so I was taken advantage of already after only having been in the country about thirty minutes.

I still was optimistic. What was money? I was paying a fraction of the rate I would have been paying in Miami to stay in town. Three thousand baht was about $80 USD at the time and I brought enough to last me a couple of months or so. I had no idea whether I’d actually stay that long, or if it was even possible, but I had it just in case.

So, forty bucks a night to stay in the center of the City of Sin. Pretty damn reasonable I thought.

I took a cab to the hotel which was about $9 USD. As I checked in I remembered advice I’d heard on the Thailand forums – make sure you can bring a girl up to your room without any problem. So, I asked. They said there would be no problem. I felt weird about asking, but I figured that’s probably the first question every horny foreign visitor asks.

I checked in and made my way upstairs to the twenty-second floor and quickly showered and chugged a beer from the fridge. Leo beer. Or, beer Leo if you are in Thailand. Some expats online said it was their beer of choice here. Others liked beer Chang better. As I downed the last couple of gulps, I thought I would need to find a decent beer sometime soon. Beer Leo wasn’t going to do it for me.

I took the lift to the lobby and stood in front of the hotel waiting for a taxi. One of the hotel receptionists came out to ask me if he should call one for me because there wouldn’t be any cruising by for a while. I thanked him and in five minutes a neon pink Toyota Corolla pulled up for me.

It was after 2 a.m. at this point. I was still at half-a-totem. As I climbed into the cab, I carefully pronounced the street to drop me off at, soy soo-kum-wit (Soi Sukumvit).

When we arrived, he asked where to drop me off. I told him to just drive up and down the road. He didn’t understand, but I kept pointing and he’d pull up and stop. Then I’d point ahead further, and he’d do the same. Over and over. I think he was getting a bit aggravated, but neither of us spoke well enough in a language to get the message across to just cruise up and down until we saw beautiful girls.

There were small groups of girls scattered about and I considered stopping at all of them, but then at a stoplight we saw a crowd of around thirty girls in a group. I told the cab driver – here please!

I stepped out of the car to a gathering crowd right in the middle of Freelancer Central.

Some of you will be murmuring BS under your breath. I get it, believe me! Despite everything I’d read, I didn’t expect it to be this good.

I would have never believed this was even possible. In Miami, if you stepped out of a cab into a mob of prostitutes like this, you’d be beaten and robbed within seconds and the girls would disperse before you could even wipe your bleeding nose.

*** Continued in the full book at Amazon here ***

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