First Time Sex in the College Library – Volume 7 (Free for Joining)

Probably the hottest sex Jeremy has ever written. Check this one out!

First Time Sex Series – Volume 7

Jeremy takes us through one of his erotic adventures while in college in Southern Florida. A hot married Cuban mamasita in his Biology class has a couple of surprises in store for him. Very hot sex in this one. Adults only. All books written from male first-person perspective.

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First Time Sex in the College Library (Free Sample)

Some of you went straight to college after high school. There is a lot going on at college that those that didn’t go – don’t know about. I mean, there is an unleashing of this sexual and other freedom that just lets loose after a semester or two.

When I was eighteen, I missed it. I didn’t go to college back then. I went to the military and had more fun than a man should ever be able to. No regrets, that’s for sure! When I was twenty-four, I got around to going to college. I signed up at a state university in Miami and didn’t know what the hell I wanted to get into.

The first semester was filled with great times, I lived in the dorm, not being able to afford anything else. I had sex with a couple of girls that may be the subject of future stories, but not this one.

I remember sex came from anywhere, and you never knew where it was coming from next. I was playing volleyball out in the sandpit with a couple of friends. Some girls were watching from their room, hanging out the window and cheering every now and then. I didn’t know any of them, but they were in my dorm building.

I found out later they were future physical therapists. I talked briefly with the three roommates after the game. One of them, Kim, invited me back later to get some cookies her mom was making for her. Of course, I had to come back!

I went to her room, ate some cookies, kissed a bit, and before I know it she was asking me, ‘Do you want to put it in me?’

Sometimes it was that easy. If we could only go back and relive it, right?

* * *

I was enrolled in biology class. It was a bitch. Psychologists have told me I have a 160 IQ.  Guess what? Not all smart people understand science, or even care at the age they’re going to school. I didn’t get biology, chemistry, physics, or math. My skills lie far away from these areas – more between my legs, I guess you could say!

Anyway, the biology class was very large. There were over 250 people in the auditorium. I always sat in the back, so I could write stories and doodle shit on my notepad. Paper notepad. This was 1993 and I wouldn’t have my IBM ThinkPad notebook computer for another year.

There were some great looking girls in the class, that much was certain. In Miami, it’s so damn hot that most of the time girls are in tight fitting short shirts – sometimes Daisy Duke shorts – that gets guys all cranked up. Google ‘Daisy Duke Shorts’ if you don’t know what I’m referring to. Dukes of Hazard was a redneck American show and the hot girl in it had big hooters. Her name was Daisy Duke. She wore some incredible tight shorts that showcased her perfect ass! Anyway, I digress.

The auditorium was air-conditioned, otherwise it would have been unbearable. The temperatures are frequently 90 F degrees and higher in the summer and we were smack in the middle of summer.

I sat in the same place every class – back left side. There were a group of girls who tended to sit there too and one girl that was always off on her own. She was a little bit older I could tell, but how much older? I couldn’t guess accurately. My guess was thirty-five. She was more composed than the other young girls, and she had a wedding ring with a huge one carat diamond on it. A very nice rock. She always dressed nicely… a bit fashionable but more on the conservative side. Sometimes I see that as sexy.

Her hair was light brown with some very light-blonde highlights. The highlights looked natural like she was in the sun a lot, but I’m sure it came from a bottle. Her skin was dark, her lips thin and always shiny with new lipstick. Get this, she had braces! Her braces drove me nuts. I love braces on girls. It must be from when I was a teen and wanted girls with braces I’d never be able to get.

Her chest was smallish – B cups almost surely, and very round and firm. Sometimes I guessed she was younger, maybe even just under thirty. Either way, she was at least five years older than I was, and that had me at least a little interested in her. We never talked, just smiled at each other a few times.

You know when you’re in your teens and early twenties every boundary that you can push with sex, you want to push. Age, height, size of tits, ass type, long-legged girls, or short girls… there was always some unique angle to pursue. For me it was like cataloging trophies each time I pursued a new girl who had different features or background.

Her name was ‘Maria.’ I think every Latina girl in Miami has Maria in her name somewhere. She was definitely Cuban. She spoke Spanish well and politely with the other girls. That day, she smiled shyly at me when I looked at her and she caught me looking twice during class.

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As I edited this story this morning I realized that it probably has the hottest sex scene I’ve ever written. I got all worked up over here! Ahh, the memories… Maria was amazing, and this wasn’t our only meeting. I may write about another one that was also exciting. Not sure I’ll find the time! I have 26 short erotic stories in this “First Time Sex” series, that’s a lot of writing.

At the end of each book is a list of of all other erotic short stories you can read at and Amazon.

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