Erotic Story (Book) Reviews just $10

New Service – We will review your erotic story (book) for just $10 for up to 3,000 words (~ 10 pages).

We get many requests by authors to send them information on where to have book reviews done for erotic stories and up until now, we just didn’t know a place that was reliable and worth it.

Now we do. It’s US.

We are going to try this on a part-time basis and see how it goes.

Erotic Book Reviews:

  • PRICES for $10 (up to 3,000 words); $20 (up to 8,000 words); $30 (up to 14,000 words).
  • REVIEW. We read your erotic short story and send you feedback on spelling, grammar, story composition, believability, word-choice, and opinion. We do not send you back an edited manuscript for every mistake we find. We will include some of that, but we want to give general feedback and point in you in the right direction for how to resolve problems in the future on your own, so you won’t need us.
  • TURNAROUND. From 1 to 10 days, depending how busy we get.
  • BONUS! Free copy of our upcoming book “How To Write Erotic Short Stories for Income.” We have an end of May deadline.

Note, we do not review your book at Amazon or other digital book marketplace. If you’re interested in that service, contact us.


NOTE – For this service we do not accept any story with the following topics:

  • pedo
  • incest
  • snuff or sadism (light OK)

There are probably more topics we don’t want to read, so we’ll tell you when you query or send your book file.

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