Best 13 Resources for Short-Story Erotica Writers

Many people who come here are not looking to buy my erotic short stories, they’re looking to find out more about publishing their own erotica. It’s a bit difficult to wrap your head around the entire process and resources are spread out. Nobody has all the resources in one place. This page will list the best resources you can use to get started creating your own erotic short stories.

I initially started writing erotica on Amazon and Smashwords in 2011. I wrote about six books and they all did well. I made about $15,000 USD from those books within two years. Not bad for a part-time hobby.

I stopped writing erotica for eight years and now I’ve jumped back in to test the waters. Writing erotic short stories is not as easy anymore as just writing the stories. Competition has increased dramatically. There is a lot more to it if you want to make some considerable income from it. Use the resources below to help you in the process!

Can You Write Erotica in English Well Enough?

Keep in mind, you only have to write well enough that READERS can appreciate your stories. In the erotica niche, that isn’t all that well. People want hot stories that get them off. That’s basically it. They’ll ignore (or not even see) many of your mistakes and if you want some genre to break into at Amazon and you’re not a great writer—erotica is probably the place to start.

That said, you cannot be a bad writer. You can’t be atrocious. You MUST know English VERY well. I have received about thirty erotic stories to review and give my opinion on. Out of thirty, there were two writers who had the slightest chance of making it. No joke. I think my blog is somehow targeting India, or there are just hundreds of millions of people from India who think they can write in English and make a killing on Amazon. In truth, no. You just can’t. Your English is probably not near good enough to write for American or other Native English speakers.

English is so complicated. You probably speak well enough in English that you can converse in the language. You may work in the travel industry or interact with native English speakers in some other area but that does NOT mean you can WRITE in English. It’s an entirely different level. Even more native English speakers cannot write English well enough to make the cutoff on Amazon.

If you’re asking yourself right now if you can write in English well enough to make it past native English speakers of ANY EDUCATION LEVEL, no, you cannot. Almost surely, you cannot. Write in your native language, it’s probably (almost surely) the best chance you have. Writing erotica in English is NOT for everyone. I don’t know who told the world they could do it, but I’m here to tell you do not waste your time.

Here are some of the sentences I’m getting through my contact form from people who think they’re going to write erotic short-stories in English.

“I am send but Frist I have a question.”

“i will send more story you will give money?, if its possible?”

I mean, seriously?

If you want to find out immediately whether you have the English writing ability to someday make it writing short erotic stories at Amazon, it will cost you just $10. Send it to me HERE using the form and send payment through to “”. Or go HERE first and read this informational page that describes exactly what you get for $10.

Click HERE [RESOURCE #1] to submit your short erotic story to me so I can evaluate quickly whether you can write well-enough in English to make it on Amazon or Smashwords. Within 24-hours you’ll know whether you should even be thinking about this idea anymore. Do this!

Writing Erotica – Which Word-Processing App is Best?

Keep it simple and use Microsoft’s Word program for your writing platform. It’s simple, and there are detailed instructions at about formatting your MS Word docs so they convert well to .MOBI files for Amazon to sell as eBooks.

Microsoft offers a yearly subscription, a monthly subscription, or a lifetime subscription. I use the yearly and because I’m in Thailand, I pay about $60 per year. I can have MS Word installed on a number of devices for that price, so it works well for me.

[RESOURCE #2]: Get Microsoft Word HERE.

Editing Your Erotica

Grammarly is a free plugin you can add to your computer’s Chrome web browser that can help point out mistake in grammar and spelling. It works behind the scenes and highlights mistakes you make as you type. It works as I’m typing this in WordPress and makes it fairly easy to correct to their suggestions. This does not work in Microsoft Word where you will likely be writing your erotic short stories, but the full version (paid version) does work in MS Word.

To be honest, I only have the free version. I am confident enough in my editing ability to forego the expense of the full-version software. To use Grammarly for my erotica I just copy and paste from MS Word into a new page on one of my WordPress sites. Grammarly then checks it and I edit there, copying and pasting back into my Word Doc when finished. This gives an extra level of editing when using MS Word. Of course you should ALSO use MS Word’s Tools|Spelling and Grammar check.

[RESOURCE #3]: Free Grammarly Plugin for Chrome Browser. Info is HERE. Full version (paid) info is HERE.

Reddit Groups

There are two groups on Reddit which can be of some help if you simply read the free resources they have and don’t try to interact on the forum itself. When you post a question or comment on these Reddit groups, there is a very high chance some asshole on a power trip is waiting to see how he can humiliate you and send you packing. Seriously, the forums are full of antisocial idiots who have nothing better to do than try to prove their own worth by making others look bad. It’s a sick place. That said, there is some incredibly valuable information to be found. Here’s where it is.

Join Reddit and go to the following pages. Follow the two groups listed below. Then go to this page: [RESOURCE #4] every few days to see what new posts have been made that you can learn from. Most won’t be applicable to what you’re doing, but there can occasionally be some gems.

One of the best things about Reddit is people post [DataPorn] (always found in the TITLE of their posts) like this one [RESOURCE #5]. In this case, it’s a post about what was learned during 1833 days of writing erotic stories. There are always valuable bits of info you can pull from these sometimes massive posts and I strongly recommend you read EVERY DATAPORN in the Eroticauthors group. Seriously. You’ll learn so much for free, that you can’t NOT do it.

December 2019 Collection of Links to all DataPorn [RESOURCE #6] found in eroticauthors and romanceauthors groups by user u/LateNiteWrite.

Reddit Group: /r/eroticauthors [RESOURCE #7]. Read the entire FAQ HERE. [RESOURCE #8] This resource will help you with many of the particular skills you’ll need to learn and know for publishing your short-story erotica books successfully. Info is geared toward writers publishing primarily at Amazon because it’s the #1 market. Amazon is quite particular about what is shown on covers and the words used in your books, so read this FAQ thoroughly.

Reddit Group: /r/romanceauthors [RESOURCE #9]. What tends to happen is that people who are looking to make a living, a good living, out of writing short-stories (any stories) will gravitate toward… and move ‘up’ to writing romance at Amazon. Why? There are far more readers and they read voraciously. Each reader tends to consume multiple books each month and when you write your stories in a series, there is a good chance someone will buy all of them. Romance readers don’t have deal with the restrictions on covers because the covers don’t need to be as scorching hot as erotica covers. With romance, the focus is on the relationship between the players. The focus is not on the sex scenes.

Creating Erotic Book Covers

You’ll need to make a decision about whether you will create your own book covers, or pay someone to make them for you. I suggest you pay someone. I make them. I charge $30 for a simple Erotica cover. You’ll find the photo you want to use at Dreamstime, or some other stock photo agency, and I’ll create the cover for your eBook. Contact me if you need this service.

Some people use PhotoShop to create covers for their Amazon books. This program is difficult to use and not at all intuitive. In the past I used Paint Shop Pro which was highly intuitive and I used it for more than a decade. Recently I had to find a new program to use so I chose Gravit Designer [RESOURCE #10]. This is a super-easy graphics editing program that cost me around $60 USD for a full license. That’s yearly. At the moment they have a 90 day free trial for the PRO version. Grab it! I’m very happy with Gravit Designer and there are plenty of design tutorials on YouTube to help you use it.

Note – the FREE version does not support 300 dpi images, so that is no good for Amazon. You NEED 300 dpi.

Please also note, it is very difficult to create the RIGHT cover for your story. I highly recommend you just pay someone to do it (under $100). No, you won’t always get what you WANT, but what you want may not be what sells. Your cover is the most important part of your book, besides the contents. It’s super-important. Make sure it’s right on. Read everything at the Reddit FAQ mentioned above to ensure your covers are right on.

Success Stories

It’s always helpful to see people who are successful doing what you want to be doing. I’ve done a small test with 20 erotic short stories at Amazon this year and it went well despite some major problems with publishing the stories during the COVID nightmare. The game has changed and I’m deciding now whether to move into romance topics, or continuing in the erotica genre. Stay tuned here for more information as I love helping people by sharing my experiences with publishing. See this post to find out if writing short erotic stories seems to be WORTH IT in this era.

The [DataPorn] posts at the Reddit groups above will be great inspiration.

This guy [RESOURCE #11] is posting YouTube videos about his recent attempt to get back into publishing romance short-stories about aliens. I could never write in that area, but apparently he made over $360,000 from 2016 to 2018. He’s trying to replicate that, or at least make a livable income from his short stories on Amazon now. He is VERY candid about what works and what doesn’t work in romance, you should have a look at some of his videos. Don’t choose a video where he’s editing for 3 hours, choose one of the other ones. Note – he failed with first 4 books he released. Failed his own expectations. I’m sure any of us would be happy with the results, but his latest book in a new series seems to be taking off organically and he’s excited. See that video below.

THIS GUY is giving away his gameplan for writing and reaching the top of the Sci-Fi Romance category. It took him 2 months. He wrote like mad, a couple novels per month. He is now making $4,000+ per month after just 2 months. WATCH THIS and hopefully it will convince you to go into romance instead of erotica, because romance is where the bulk of the readers are.

Other Resources

Find out if your books have been ‘Dungeoned’ by Amazon by signing up HERE [RESOURCE #12] with and using their Dungeon Tool.

The Amazon stats program (Reports) in the dashboard is atrocious. Use instead [RESOURCE # 13] and your life will change for the better. We promise.

GetBookReport helps authors by giving meaningful stats in many configurations. GET IT. It’s free until you’re making a lot of money each month with Amazon. Then it is about $39 per month. I think also worth it then just. Yes, Amazon’s Report tool is THAT bad.