Adult Erotica Authors – Need Comprehensive Story Feedback?

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One thing I wish I had when I was trying to decide whether or not to create adult stories for Amazon back in 2011 was a review service for my stories. I just wanted to hear some feedback from another writer who was active on Amazon and producing short erotic fiction and making some money there.

I now offer that service.

I will review your erotic short stories and give you feedback and grades on your story, its potential at Amazon based on nine years of publishing with them, and advice about your cover image. See a SAMPLE REPORT here.

The biggest reason to use this service is to receive honest and near instant feedback regarding your story. You’ll know within 24-hours what you need to improve on (if anything), and you’ll know what another author thinks of your story. This would have been incredibly helpful to me when I was starting out. It will help you by giving you many ways you can improve your story, or a stamp of approval to let you know you’re READY TO PUBLISH NOW.

Adult Story Feedback Includes Comments On:

  • Flow of your story, it is an easy-to-read story that readers will like?
  • Scene arrangement – is something out of place? Do you jump in to the sex too fast? Not fast enough?
  • Length of scenes and backstory.
  • Grammar, word choices, tense, spelling.

What Exactly Will I Receive a Grade On?

I’ll subjectively grade your work overall and based on the areas above and more.

Your Story is Graded On 17 Criteria:

  • Character Definition
  • Emotional Content
  • Goal Definition
  • Setting Description
  • Story Length
  • Scene Arrangement
  • Scene Length (Backstory, Scene 1, Scene 2)
  • Flow
  • Grammar
  • Word Choice
  • Tense
  • Point of View (Perspective)
  • Dialogue
  • Cover
  • Overall

In addition to a grade in each area, I’ll give you many tips for improving your story.

See a Sample Story Report Card here.

Turnaround Time?


Your Qualifications?

In 2011 I sold $11,000 of erotic short stories on Amazon. In late April 2020 I jumped back into this niche and I’m looking forward to increasing sales. I have 18 short-stories at Amazon and have sold just over $100 of erotic shorts there during my first month (without advertising or paid reviews). In total, I have $80,000 in sales of books at Amazon. My highest selling book has made over $30,000.

Rates for this Service?

  • Up to 3,000 words: $10
  • 3,001 to 5,000 words: $14
  • 5,001 to 7,000 words: $19
  • If over 7,000 words, please write for a quote.

How Do I Submit My Story for Review?

  1. Use this form.
  2. Send payment through to “”